Q Do you think CGI effects in episode 1 look photo realistic? And can we expect to see a better film with episode 2? Lets hope Mr Lucas and his team have learnt that the public want to see a great film. Not just a merchandise exhibition.
Steve H (U.K)
A Are you suggesting that the planet is not a better place for having the Ja Ja Binks Wude Sticking-Out Tongue Dispenser Candy? I myself have one in a cupboard very close to me in case of emergencies. Just knowing it's there helps me through the hard times that can occasionally beset a sensitive person. But I do meet fans who recall the joy of the original merchandise figures from 25 years ago. I think we are just doing it again and whilst you may not have wished for your own plastic Amidala hairpiece, someone might! So just imagine being a child at this time… and looking back 25 years on (when my Ja Ja Binks Wude Sticking-Out Tongue Dispenser Candy will still be in a cupboard - and just as fresh and tasty I'm sure). But fans do seem to want some physical totem of their movie viewing experience and some way of being a part of it.
As for AOTC, my experience on the set; reading the script; watching semi-finished footage and seeing the trailer lead me to believe we may all be able to really enjoy Episode II. On the question of CG, Mr Lucas informed me that they have a working computer image of most of the members of the cast stored in a cupboard very close to him. Perhaps he's worried that I'll ask too much money for Episode III. But I am afraid…
Q Does Threepio have the silver leg because it was damaged behind scenes or was it because you couldn't afford any more gold on it?
Steven Blyth
A Behind-the-scenes damage is usually repaired before it gets in front of the camera and although finance (or lack of it) is always a big thing on Tatooine, that is not the case here. For such a punctilious droid as C-3PO it has always been a slight embarrassment that he is not quite as perfect as he might wish. Of course, compared with the shame of utter nakedness in Episode I and the (shortly to be viewed) scrap-heap challenge of AOTC, a mere flash of a silver shin might be judged on the level of a missing shirt button. But since Threepio does not wear shirts, he still prefers it not to be mentioned. Naturally R2 D2 pulls his leg about it all the time.
Q I'm French so I will continue this post in my mother language: Bravo pour le nouvel habillage de ton site (ton nouveau costume de C3PO n'est pas mal non plus) Quand tu as tourné Star Wars: A New Hope, pensais-tu qu'il aurait un tel impact? Quand as tu vu le film achevé avec les SFX terminés? Merci d'avance pour tes réponses et @ très bientôt dans AOTC :))
A Mois, je suis English, mais I will essayer to write en Francais. I am très hereux that tu like the dressings of the nouveau site and that you pense that mon costume is aussi, not bad. D'accord!
En 1976 nous certainement didn't think que Episode IV was going to have any impact whatsoever. Quelques gens even used words like un veritable imbroglio! (Some gens used an even shorter, ruder word.) Quelle surprise when it had its début and tout le monde a decidé that it was superbe! The premier fois that j'ai vu le film with all the effects spèciales was at the crew screening. I was tellement impressioné!
Tu know that it is moi who is le voix Francais de C-3PO en Star Tours à Disneyland, Paris! Oui! C'est true! Threepio can parle fluidement plus que 6M formes de communications but il ne peut pas write in any of them!
Q Love the site, though I'm not a dedicated Star Wars fan.I'm finding it hard to read darkish text on a black background. But keep up the good work and with the experimenting on web design.
Lt. Com. Demon Slayer

A Thank you. Might you try a quick adjustment to your brightness? Not a slur on your IQ but your monitor settings. I'm not sure we should be talking, since your not dedicated. But with your rank, I imagine you have other things on your mind.
Q You have an apparent dislike for the Ewoks. Granted, they are not my favorite characters from the series-but what is it about them that you don't like?
Mike Lukash

A Ewoks NOT your favourite characters? How could you possibly say that? Besides their bravery in saving a planet or two - well OK, the odd moon - don't you think they're cute and cuddly? Wouldn't you like to have one hug you tight for ever? (NB Rumours of infestation are strongly denied by the Department of Galactic Pest Control). Aren't those big round eyes full of life and wit? Don't they move with the spirit of ecstasy? Can't they dance like Jackson, sing like Madonna? Don't they charm you from the trees? (Irrelevant unless you are a bird, of course). Remember, I have seen them in the flesh, well, fur anyway, and after a shower of rain they do have an added pungency that more than completes their charms to my eyes - and nose. And there are obviously times of the year when it is not advisable to go down to the woods etc. But how could you ever think that I, their reigning monarch and spiritual leader could reject those teeny little bundles of fun and fur? I swear that when I trod on one it was a complete accident. Anyway we had spares. I hope this answer goes some way to refuting the slur that you imply.
Q Congratulations on a wonderful site with an excellent design! I'm a professional web-designer (I work for Europe's largest Internet bank) and appreciate a nice looking site when I see one. Thank tf.n digital for so many visitors as I came here directly after watching you being interviewed by Alena. Excellent interview, btw!
Richard Harris
A Thanks for the praise, especially from a professional. It has taken over 18 months to get this far. After an unfortunate little case of cyber-squatting and the ensuing rip-off, I made a mistake of commissioning a site that looked OK but after a year still didn't actually function. I believe I finally have a designer who knows how to create an attractive, simple site with a strong architectural base, available to most people around the world, provided they use standard resolution and brightness settings. If not, like Lt. Com. Demon Slayer, they will assume I'm from the Dark Side!
Now, I assume you weren't messaging me during the bank's time, nor watching theforcenet digital interview during working hours. I spent ages downloading it and then can't understand how to open it. How typical! So I'll just have to live with my memories of the gorgeous Alena!
Q I love the new site; it's far easier to navigate - thanks. I regularly check your 'appearances' section but have not seen England for ages, are there any plans for next year?
Paul Luxton

A You are one of many to praise the site and after the dramas involved (see above) in getting this far, the compliments are well received and passed on to the real brains behind it all. We are in early discussions about an unconfirmed appearance next year, perhaps near you. So please keep checking. But you worried me deeply. "I have…not seen England for ages." I rushed to the window. Relief! It is still there.

Q I don't suppose you'd want to be the voice on my answering machine eh?
John Walker IV
A No, I don't. Not after doing it for Matthew Senreich at Wizard Entertainment in New York. I called him one day and got myself explaining there were no humans available. More than irritating, especially since I was calling from England. I didn't leave a message.
Q Is Anthony Daniels related to William Daniels, the voice of KITT in Knight Rider?
Paul Puser

A No. Again. Nor to Jack. Sadly.
Q Did you ever play any practical jokes on other cast members or were you ever the victim, on or off the Star Wars set?
A Ralph Nelson was the stills photographer on Jedi. You have thrilled to his rather good snapshots in movie theatres and books. But there is a darker side to this Californian guy. Seeing him napping on the set one day, I took his camera and photographed him with his mouth wide open. He was fairly upset since the producer got to see every frame shot and it might make him look bad to be unconscious during the working day. I asked him how we were meant to know if he was unconscious. So... he later poured a cup of cold water down into my suit when I was ready to shoot. So... next time he was asleep, I got the pyro FX crew to rig a couple of explosive squibs under his chair. He lost unconscious with a bang that time! So... later, when I was dressed in the entire gold suit again, everything suddenly went dark. Ralph had sneaked behind me and placed two bits of tape over my eyes. I was completely blinded! I couldn't reach them of course and had to yell for Brian to come and remove them for me. It was then that I realise that Ralph would outclass me in any infantile, stupid, immature, pathetic and childish contest. I conceded defeat. For now...
Did they really polish your suit with gold spray paint and then hairspray?

A No.
Q Can you please shed some light on Chris Parson a man going round Star Wars conventions saying he played cp-30.
Mark John Whitworth UK
A Oh dear. Some confusion here. It's actually "C-3PO"! But many people make that mistake. Also, you are far from the first person to ask me about Chris Parsons and his comments, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to shed light on the subject for you and for many others. To the best of my recollection, Chris Parsons was one of the large group of background artists who usefully dressed up in various costumes on ESB and ROJ. On some occasions in ROJ he was asked to be a stand-in for me; to stand on my marks whilst they lit the scene and I got dressed in the gold suit for the shot. Over the first three movies I enjoyed the assistance of Harriet and most particularly, Alan, as stand-ins, both of whom were also a great help and very much a part of my support team. As far as stunts go, the first fall was performed by Jo from the props department; the second by me and the third by Tracy. Stunt people are brave and talented people who should be respected for their particular skill. I believe that Chris Parsons wore the costume for the long shot of Threepio being carried towards the Ewok village. I remember this was a second unit shot filmed in the UK whilst I was filming with the main unit in America, in Yuma and in the redwoods, with lots of rather fresher Ewoks. Whilst the shot was very necessary and the use of second unit speeds up the production process, wearing a suit is possibly not quite the same as 'playing a role'. To my knowledge this was the whole of Chris Parsons' contribution as C-3PO on camera and he was never, as some people have been led to believe, involved as a stunt performer on my behalf. Nor did he act as personal assistant to me, as had Harriet, Maxi, Alan, John and Brian. Whereas he provided a very useful resource for the second unit and wore several different costumes, I'm sure that Chris Parsons' comments regarding his involvement with C-3PO and myself have been hugely misinterpreted by fans, since I believe he would never have intended to deliberately and unprofessionally exaggerate his contribution to the filming process and take credit from those who actually did do the work.
Q I was at the Echo Base Con. The Q&A you gave was the best and what you said is true: we Dutch are a bit shy. What makes you come to a little country in the outer rim called Holland?
Django "The Wookie" Aerssens

A I was warned that you were all very shy. Maybe on the outside, because when I got on stage I discovered that inside every quiet and reserved Dutchman is a raving Hollywood extrovert lunatic, longing to burst into the spotlight. Scary! And you think you're on the outer rim? At least you're attached to the big wheel of mainland Europe. It's the UK that flaps on the hub like a deflating piece of rubber! Anyway I like Holland. And the Dutch. A lot.
Q Are you slipping into self parody?
A I knew it was merely a question of time. But, 25 years...? Well spotted, anyway!
Q I was six when Star Wars came out and I am now trying to show my 5 year old boy 'the ways of the Force'. He is as awe struck with them, as I was at his age. The problem is he keeps asking for a Star Wars lunch box for his birthday. I've spent every day for the past week searching every web site, shop and junk yard trying to find one. (Please don't tell my boss) I remember that I had one once but NOBODY makes them now! If you know of anywhere / anyone who could point me in the right direction, I would be eternally grateful.
Kevin Poulton
A I would have given you mine if a certain party had given me one in the first place. But alas... I believe this is one for the readers of this page. Can anyone out there help Kevin? Send in your address and I'll put you in touch. Anyone? Hello? Hello? Hell...oh!
Q Will there be a third trilogy after Return of the Jedi?
Tom Parsons
PS just wondering if Episode 2 is going to be better than Episode1?
A Though hopefully there is life after Jedi, I don't believe there will be another trilogy. Some of us might be getting rather past their prime by 2070. And what do you mean, " Ep II better than Ep I"? Are you implying some kind of adverse criticism of that work? Some error on your part surely! At least there weren't any Ewoks in it.
Q  I have always tried to be one of the (last and few) authentic autograph dealers around. I am willing to accept that the signatures on this script (see the Dark Side) may be "scribbles" and I am willing to give the seller a full refund and also get my money back from the dealer from whom it was purchased. However, I did nothing wrong. I am known for being reputable. When autograph sellers deal in large quantities, it is difficult to stay away from forgeries 100% unless every signature was obtained, provably, by the seller in person. You seem to think that EVERYONE who sells a forged autograph, forged it themselves. This is not true. I have NEVER forged a signature. I think it is as terrible as you do. There are a lot of forgers out there, I agree. However, there are ALSO a lot of legitimate sellers just trying to make a profit, not knowing they may have a forgery. This is why it is important to offer a refund. When you walk into a store and purchase something, then take it home and open the box and there is something missing or it is something entirely different, you don't criticize the store. You don't put that store on your website and slander them. You simply take the merchandise back. The way you handled this is without question, unprofessional. Here is the bottom line. I will NEVER sell another Star Wars item unless I personally was there when it was signed.
Skylight Pictures
A I'm sorry that you think this matter was handled "unprofessionally". The posting concerned only the facts as demonstrated. Perhaps I should point out that we are not dealing with something in a box. I also believe that retailers should and do take some responsibility for items they sell. But I believe that the Dark Side page stresses that there are indeed many decent dealers and I am pleased to believe your claim to be one of them. Perhaps you would read that page again. I am happy at various comments you make: glad that you agree forgery is terrible; glad that you have returned the purchase price in this case; that you will seek a refund for yourself; that you will only collect autographs in person. That way, it could even be more interesting! Meanwhile, please actively join the battle to clean up your industry.
Q I received an email telling me that a script that I bought was a fraud. Thanks for keeping in eye out for the fans.
Brent Peshina
A Delighted to be of service and that Skylight Pictures have, eventually, handled the matter appropriately.
Q Any plans to write more comics? Your "Droids" story was a hoot.
David Robertson
A Do you mean The Protocol Offensive? I'm pleased you liked it. Lots of people did. I'd always rather dismissed comics as an easy art form. Was I wrong! Even with the support, skill and patience of my outstanding co-creator, Ryder Windham, it was still one of the hardest jobs I ever decided to take on. So many elements went into creating the finished piece. And of course it could never be perfect. I was a little sad that C-3PO looked slightly unwell in some frames but other pictures were just beautiful. I'd thought that all you had to do to write a comic was draw balloons and fill in the words. Now I have nothing but respect for masters of the art. I'll need to get back my nerve before I try again! But you never know.
Q Your web site looks like it's shaping up to be a good one. Man, what can I say? I've grown up with the Star Wars saga, and having a chance to communicate with the man behind C-3P0 is a real treat. I read that you were taking a course in HTML. I am currently working on an Associate's Degree in Computer Science, so I hope everything goes well for you.
Erick Reitz
A Why did I ever admit it? Now everyone will be holding their breath to see whether I chicken-out of learning what looks like the remains of a game of Scrabble. I believe it actually stands for Hyper Text Markup Link and is the language of websites and other most important things. So in Episode II I will be able to say I am fluent on over six million and one forms of communication! Good luck to you in your studies. And to me!
Q Will the [insert trumpet fanfare here] WONDER COLUMN ever see the LIGHT of day again? I was most distressed when it went off the air, so to speak. Every time the illustrious *STAR WARS INSIDER* lands inside of my mailbox, I feverishly search the pages in vain for an new column from yours truly. Any chance of resurgence? However, I am also very excited at the prospect of seeing you in Episode II. How I yearn for this film. In honor of you, I just gave my Threepio mug (which doubles as a pen and pencil holder) on my desk a pat on the head (not that I think he's a pet, mind you, I mean, you're not a Wookiee!).
Brian Hodges US
A I am very flattered that you like the WC so much. At the moment I don't quite have the time to retell more silly stories from behind the scenes. But eventually you will be able to relive the whole, first series on this site. So I'm afraid you'll have to read other bits of The Insider for the time being. They can be quite interesting, or so I'm told. Thank you for the pat (by proxy). But I am a little confused. Do you take out the pen and pencil before you drink your coffee? Or sort of hold them to one side with your nose? Tricky!
Q  I watched your interview on the bonus footage of the re-release of Star Wars and I *will* get a kick out of seeing Threepio put together for the first time. I think it's great that Star Wars has been filmed here in Australia. When you weren't encased in a suit, how did you like the country?
PS I don't suppose you have written any books? I enjoy reading about movies from the actors' perspective.
A Threepio too gets quite a kick when he's put together - wouldn't we all! But even in the suit I thought Australia was a smashing place. I've visited several times in the past and it gets better each time. On that basis, I shall be returning to Melbourne in June, if all the plans fall into place. Keep an eye on the attached Appearance page. As for writing - you could keep your other eye (unless you are ocularly challenged and I have just made a terrible booboo) on the Titan and Wonder Column pages, similarly attached) where you can indeed read some of my recollections of the dramas, on both sides of the camera, observed whilst shooting The Great Saga.
Q I am a fan of yours and Star Wars since I was quite small, since my father was a fan too and introduced me to the movies. I live in Sao Paulo and I was wondering if you have ever come to Brazil.
Andre Gregori
P.S.- "We're Doomed?" I think it's quite funny how you say it!
A It's one of my favourite lines! It sums up life, doesn't it? Especially for Threepio, the voice of Common Sense. It often occurs to me that I have never visited South America. Let's hope I will soon be able to correct that geographical omission!
Q I saw the first movie in 1978 (times were hard back then, and I didn't get a chance to see it until it was shown in a third-run cinema). Although your face is hidden beneath your costume, your voice alone conveys enough depth to breathe life into your character. I'm glad Mr Lucas used your actual voice for the movies.
Ponsones Ariel
A I'm rather glad myself and I certainly wouldn't have continued the role into the sequels and prequels if George had (as he first intended) dubbed on another voice to my performance. Hopefully you also think my physical acting goes some way to complete the characterisation inside the beautiful suit, created by Liz Moore. Perhaps waiting so long to see the movie made it all the more impressive. I'm afraid you've got to wait for another year to see Episode II but I do hope times are less hard for you now.
Q What is the greatest thing you have done, other than SW?
Tony A Lauer (Lordstimpy)
A Now that is a tricky one. Possibly learning to swim at the age of 39 due to my terror of water since a toddler? (I don't toddle anymore but I do go scuba diving!). But I shall have to take time to think.
Q Which of the Star Wars movies have you most enjoyed making (Episode II included)?
A Actually - Episode II. Whilst the original, A New Hope, is my favourite to watch, the latest one is a pleasure to work on. I had the best time in Australia with the new cast and crew and had a lot of fun and challenges puppeteering, as well as getting inside, Threepio. Even Tunisia was not as ghastly as the first time, though it was considerably warmer, well, viciously hot, actually. And for the first time ever, thanks to Don Bies, Artoo was a perfect gentleman!
Q What is your favorite C-3PO moment, the one you're proudest of, the one you'd like to cut out of the fabric of reality, have it bronzed and put on display on your mantelpiece?
Patrick (Shadow)
A I'm not sure that I actually have a piece to mantle, so perhaps we will talk about shelves, which I do own. I think Threepio rather enjoyed telling Captain Solo that he was to be the main course at a banquet given in honour of the golden droid-king. Sadly, of course (no pun intended), it was the Ewoks' turn to prepare dinner that night. Since "Now kindly wash your hands" doesn't translate into Ewokese (since they don't have them to wash), eating healthy on Endor is not an option - not that eating Solo would be UN-healthy of course. (You can't be too careful these days with lawyers at the ready and H Ford being V rich). My own favourite moment is a few minutes later, when Threepio gets rather cross and is about to deck the fearless but pushy Solo if he but breaths one more word. Watch Threepio's face as Solo pushes once to often. Watch and fear! You are clearly a literary sort of cove and I admire your turn of phrase. But no there is nothing of my own that I would wish to bronze and put on a shelf, for fear of frightening the horses. And don't you mean " The fabric of UN-reality?" They're only films, you know!
Q In your biography I see you have stared in a movie called City of the Dead. This sounds like a zombie movie, but I don't know any films with that title. I know an Italian named City of the Living Dead which is the closest I can get. What sort of movie is it, when was it made and how is the director?
Thomas Winther
A Sounds like you're really into zombies! Nice! But the terrifying mists of time have obscured most of the details from my brain (perhaps I am a zombie) and I have lost any notes on the subject. I remember that it was part of a production, Die Tode Stadt (sp?) at the New York Opera. We filmed it on location in Bruges, the most stunning city in Belgium and I remember having a laugh - though I don't think it was meant to funny! Maybe that's why they never made a sequel!
Q My husband and I live in Japan. He is American, and watches one of the original trilogy EVERY NIGHT on video. I did not understand what he liked about the movies, though I sat through them with him, and occasionally fall asleep. Recently you were in Japan and I saw you on TV. I had no idea a human was in that suit. WOW!
Junko Seals
A WOW indeed! Surely, falling asleep during a Star Wars film is against the law - especially when C-3PO is on screen (understandable when he isn't, of course!). If your husband were sensible he would fast-forward through the scenes when I am not on. For yes! It is I who beavers away inside that golden exterior. Having recently hosted a program on artificial intelligence (I was providing the second half, obviously), I can tell you we are a long way from creating a machine that can perform like Threepio. So my job is safe. I think. I have been to Japan several times but this visit was particularly special and I feel I have many friends there now. So watch out in Tokyo for the sequel, The Return of The Man Inside C-3PO. WOW!
Q As a stage actor, I hope you still are, how are your theatre ties these days; filming these SW movies notwithstanding?
Michael Mann
A I haven't acted on stage for some time, due partly to the time-frame and life-style implications of working in the theatre. Also, possibly, to the requirement to go on doing the same thing, night after night, and Wednesday and Saturday matinee after matinee, until you get it right - or not. A part of me misses it. The joy of a live audience comes back to me when I appear at a convention. It really is a thrill to entertain and amuse and feel the reaction. Of course, I wouldn't want to do that night after night either!
Q I'd like to say that it is a wonderful site and it's nice to see that you take the time to talk to your fans!:) I've been a SW fan for many years and I play some of the SW games that Lucas Arts has put out. Have you "lent" your voice to any of them such as Rebellion? I belong to an online club called the United Pilots Alliance (UPA), a site to chat and play X-Wing v Tie Fighter and X-Wing Alliance. We're at upa.drewhead.org so come check us out sometime!! My UPA name is Intimidator.
Greg Gebhardt
P.S I know that C-3PO never got behind the "flight stick" of an X-Wing but will he ever get to fly?:)hhehehe
A Thanks for your comments about the site. You made the Webmaster really happy and that's not easy, as you know! Usually the games are voiced from the movies or from someone in the office doing their best (!). The budgets are quite tight and I guess the money is spent on the game. Ah well! Regarding Threepio flying (apart from the Ewok experience) - there was always such a rush of heroes who got ahead of him in the line that all the X-Wings were booked up by the time he arrived. I think he's taken Artoo for the occasional spin when things were quiet. But Artoo gets carsick these days. However I'll tell George about your comments - but actually, I don't think we're using X-Wings at the moment. Are we? As for games - I'm not the greatest and I'm certainly not playing with someone called Intimidator!
Q What was the longest you had to stay in the Threepio suit? Did you ever panic and ask them to take it of? And is the suit the same today as it was then or has it been updated??
A The first day shooting A New Hope, I wore the complete suit from about 7am to sundown so you can imagine how I felt when they finally took it off me. Let's say, I was not looking forward to donning it again the next day! The only time I got claustrophobia was when Salacious Crumb was sitting on my chest pulling out my eye. The odd thing was that I didn't even have on the whole costume - I was actually wearing jeans! Maybe it was Crumb's breath! And yes, it is the same suit as I wore in Jedi, which is why I have to go to the gym every day!
Q I'm 31, have admired your work since waaay back. In fact, at the risk of sounding too 'anorak-ish', I do a good C3PO myself. My one big ambition is to get a good quality 3PO suit, and pop into places like my 7-year-old daughter's hospital ward (she has regular throat surgery), just to try and brighten the kid's day, if I can. Do you have any reservations about something like this, or would you advise me not to invoke the wrath of George?
Terry Cooper
A I wont tell George if you don't. Actually I'm flattered. Some fans have made the most amazing facsimile suits and I admire them hugely for their interest and devotion to Threepio. Yours is a great idea and there me lots of equipment on hand that would be just as attractive as Artoo. But if you wander in wearing that sort of outfit and talking like me, you might end up in a ward at the far end of the hospital - in a straightjacket. Then, of course, your daughter could come and visit you!
Q Sorry! Forgot to ask. With the lights and electronics all around your face, how easy (and how, indeed?) is it possible to see when encased in 3PO's head? Do you look through those tiny holes at the centre?
Terry (again)
A The eyes have three tiny, low voltage light bulbs embedded in the plastic lenses. These are wired to a connector normally taped to the top of my head as the two halves are closed together. Thus they connect to wires leading to the battery pack in my back. Watch out for the auction scene in A new Hope. They forgot to put the wire inside and you can see it dangling in view. Oops! The bulbs are backed by a mirror and blackout material. This leaves the little central spot free to gaze out on the world. Be warned. It's like wearing blinkers in all directions and takes a lot of getting used to. Otherwise you bash into everything and everyone. Artoo does that sort of thing all the time however working with Mickey Mouse is a big problem because of his ears. But he kindly accepted my profuse apologies for the accident. Some mice are really nice!
Q What Star Wars role would you have liked to play if you hadn't ended up as Threepio's primary "motivator" ? Great job !
A Thank you. I like your 'primary motivator'. In fact Threepio was the only role that I found interesting in the script I was shown but as it turned out, Han Solo turned into something of a scene stealer that I enjoyed watching. All due to Harrison's talent. However, HF and I are not normally fighting for the same roles! In Star Wars I think I would have liked to have played anyone wearing clothes!
Q I was surfing and found your web site - awesome!! Its great to know that you care enough about your fans to take time out to answer their replies. With reference your "Scum and Villainy" section, could you not counter these rip-off merchants by producing autographed photos of your own and selling them on your web site, I would be one of the first in line to buy one!!! I would dearly love to own an autographed photo and get my favourite Star Wars CCG card signed, but in reality 'it ain't gonna happen'. I'm in the Forces and always manage to get sent abroad when you are at conventions. In any event thanks for the site - I've book marked it for future enjoyment.
Paul Luxton
A Like the Force, the Sleazoids will be will be with us always! But at the moment I don't intend to make this a commercial site. It really is simply for those fans crazy enough to be interested in what I have done, am doing and will do. Since you are actually in the Forces(plr) I'm sure we'll meet eventually. Meanwhile keep avoiding those fake autographs - or become a Sleazoid and write your own, just like they do!
Q Years ago I read that one of the C-3PO robot look-alikes in the films was a girl (not the stunt women you talk about on your site) I think her name was Sue Bishop but I have never seen this confirmed any where. Is this true or have none of the other robots been women?
Metal Mickey
A In the opening corridor scene of A New Hope you see another Threepio-like figure with me. Inside was the most beautiful girl called Harriet. She was my stand-in and assistant and since she was the same size as me there was no problem with wearing a copy suit and wandering about. Shortly after we finished filming she married one of Queen Elizabeth II's relatives. Life in royal circles probably doesn't permit her being a robot stand-in any more - hard to fit that diamond tiara inside. But Harriet, if you read this, there's always Ep III. Have one of the Palace courtiers call me.
Q I must say it takes a lot of courage to post that picture of you from 1975 for the Titan column... but then again, after witnessing your bravery in a plastic and metal costume in the heat of Tunisia, I guess I knew you are brave...!
Don Bies California
A Yes the heat was on in Tunisia, all right, and I think we all had to grit our teeth. I certainly had grit in mine! Showing you that photo is part of my rehabilitation therapy. For decades I have been in denial about having such a ridiculous haircut - or lack of one! Fortunately I don't have any photos of me in the stacked shoes I wore at the time.
PS. Let the world know I couldn't have done Episode II without you. Artoo certainly couldn't! So thank you!
PPS. Have you checked out your haircut in Gallery 1?

Q It's the mid seventies. I was ten years old, reading a fan magazine that mentioned Anthony Daniels' birth date.I buy a birthday card and send it to him. Shortly after this I am overjoyed to find, in my mailbox, a personal thank you note from Mr. Daniels written entirely by hand. I can't tell you how much this meant to me when I was 10. I'm now 34, and still remember it as one of the highlights of my young life. I just wanted to thank you, Mr. Daniels for his love and appreciation of the fans.
Jeff Montgomery Au
A Your note makes me sound like a saint but, like my original message to you, your message made me feel good. Times were a lot calmer back then and present circumstances make it hard to have that kind of personal contact too often now. Hence anthonydaniels.com. - an attempt to be more available. I do very much appreciate the support of sincere fans who like the work I do and allow me to continue doing it. But you make me realise that I have another birthday approaching - rather too rapidly! Oh well.
Q I'm looking forward to the upcoming Lord of the Rings films so I was just wondering what it was like to work on the animated version from 1978.
Philip Brennan
A I played Legolas - Prince of the Elves and if I am honest it was a rather odd experience in several ways. The whole cast were in the same studio but we all had to leave a two second gap between the lines which made for rather stilted dialogue and sadly, a rather stilted movie. So I'm rather looking forward to the new one myself, especially as Christopher Lee is one of the stars.
Q A lot of people were negative of the Star Wars artefacts tour being held in fine art museums. These people would have no quarrel about Bogart's trench coat or Dorothy's ruby slippers touring in these galleries. Why the tiff on Star Wars?
Craig & Cindy
A Well I personally don't think Dorothy's slippers should ever be worn with a trench coat but I agree with you. The Star Wars artefacts are beautiful creations, produced by artists which, due to their exposure in the movies, are recognised, loved and respected across the globe. Some arty types seem to have problems if it's not Shakespeare or Michelangelo under discussion. Okay, they have proved their staying power over the centuries but my gold suit, for instance, has already served 25 years as an icon of a popular story that knows no boundaries, in spite of this sad intellectual snobbery. I hope it and other artworks from the Saga will continue to delight museum visitors, long after these intellectuals have passed on and I am a forgotten name in the scratchy credits on an ancient scrap of celluloid - preserved in a glass case in a museum of the future!
Q Is the John Madden who directed the SW radio series the same who directed 'Shakespeare in Love'?
Steve Ash
A Indeed he is and a very talented and lovely man he is too.
Q Have you spoken to Robin Williams or Kiersten Warren as they have both endured (if that is the right word) being encased in robot suits in the film Bicentennial Man, though they are a little more articulated at the joints. Have you seen the film?
Mick/metalicmickey - UK
A "Endured" is exactly the right word! I watched the movie as I flew to Australia to film AOTC and loved it! I imagine Threepio would be quite wistful to see it too. I would like to think that I inspired Robin to take the part after we worked together on a charity campaign - Hands Across The World.
Q I've been a Star Wars fan since I was 6 years old. I would really like to meet you but I live in Sweden and I'm only 15 so I can't travel anywhere either. So now I was wondering if you have planned to come to here.
Jedi Hopeful - Sweden
A If I tell you the only Swedish I can speak is gud jul! then you know that I regularly visit Sweden in the festive season. I always have a great time there. Watch out for me in the streets of Stockholm. But I won't be wearing my gold suit or talking about Star Wars. Keep you eye on the "Appearance" page and you never know.
Q I've had a long argument with a friend on whether it was River Phoenix playing Young Indiana Jones in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" or you. I was amazed to discover it was indeed River Phoenix. I'm sure I've read somewhere that you played in the Young Indiana Jones scenes!
Elad Avron - Israel
A It's not often that I am mistaken for River Phoenix but I take it as a huge compliment. And you were so nearly right. I played a small part in the TV film The Adventures of Young Indie… The Hawkmen. I can see why you got confused. Now go and apologise to your friend!
Q Do you know Lorene Yarnell? She played"Dot Matrix" in Space Balls (Mel Brooks'). It would be fine an encounter between these two lovely robots!
Javier Ger - Spain
A No I don't but what a terrific performance and what a great voice was added by Joan Rivers. Perhaps Threepio and Dot are destined to meet in Ep III.
Q Just wanted to know if it is really Mr. Daniels whom we fans can reach via mail ?
Johnny Jagwani
A Yes Johnny, it is really I at the keyboard but I have no way of proving that to you. Of course I'm not here all the time. The Webmaster lets me out occasionally - unless I have been really bad!
Q First I hope that C-3PO has a bigger part in the upcoming prequels. Secondly, I was wondering if there is an address that I can get your photo.Unfortunately I have never been able to meet you (mainly because I am only 14 and have no means of transport) I would love to get your autograph as you can never tell with dealers and auction sites.
Matthew Goddard.
A You're quite right to be wary! I'm sure you've seen the "Scum and Villainy" section of this site. There is no mail address for autographs but do you realise that by the time EP III is premiered, you will have been driving for some years. So I look forward to seeing you then. As for C-3PO and his parts... time will tell!